Musical Trance Journey

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Life can be a very serious matter indeed. We parcel our work with identity and meaning, and fight hard and long to find purpose in our endeavours. Our life is a movable frontier between what we want for ourselves and what the world demands of us. In living our life we adhere to unspoken social structures that define the roles that we choose and the communication we hold. This musical trance journey taps into your own courage to unleash your creativity first: to be heard, to be listened to, and to be seen.Anita will be your guide into deeper states of consciousness with live music by Oliver Rajamani

Anita Jung-Rajamani, LPC-S, LPA is an inspirational speaker, the founder of the Jung Wellness Institute and an internationally acclaimed lecturer, trainer, psychotherapist, and business consultant. Originally from Europe, she resides in the United States. For the last twenty years, she has been a proponent for innovative, transformative care combining traditional and non-traditional mind-body approaches. Her work taps into the world of the arts to inspire change and sustain a healthy state of living. Her creativity spans from her work with her clients to creating and publishing several musical, hypnotherapeutic CDS. She focuses on tapping into people’s creativity and motivating them to remove the barriers to succeeding at their goals.

In the world of hypnosis, she is known for incorporating music into her work as a tool to elicit change in a respectful, creative, and collaborative approach. As the founder of the Jung Wellness Institute she has worked with adults, youth and families in clinical practice. Additionally, she has devoted much time in working with musicians, their families, and executives in the music industry for over twenty years.

Anita is the President Elect and an Approved Consultant of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and President of the Central Texas Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Additionally, she is also a founding member of LifeWorks (non-profit organisation), serves on the Clinical Advisory Board for the SIMS Foundation (non-profit organisation serving Austin musicians), and is a Co-Creator and Consultant for Karisha (medical community to transform

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