Valeria Zanotto

Meditation heart awakening


In this time of transition between the old paradigm and the new, Valeria’s passion is to co-create a New Earth in which we live in a state of harmony, unity, peace and love - with our-selves, with each other and with our beloved Mother Earth.

It is this vision that Valeria is inspired to bring to life by weaving this creation into our daily lives with each other.

Drawn since a young age to make a positive difference in the world she spent her twenties in the sustainable design industry and after completing a Masters Degree in Architecture for Sustainability she kept pursuing new ways of designing more compatibly with both humans' and our planet's needs. Still this was unfulfilling and she knew there was something more to be explored.

In 2015 after a sudden and intense spiritual awakening, her life took an unexpected turn as she started to listen to her Soul’s calling and connect with her life’s mission. Her journey hasn’t always been an easy one: following her inner call for authenticity resulted in having to face her deepest fears and shadows and leap into the unknown, while venturing through leaving her career, financial stability and her long term relationship.

Since that awakening, her personal and spiritual journey has led her to finding her inner Truth and learning and training in the different healing modalities and intuitive arts of Shamanic Healing, Reiki and Energy healing, Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Akashic records reading and Sacred Geometry.

She believes that our inner connection and awareness and mastery of our energy field are crucial for positive change and growth, both personally and collectively.

Valeria now is now dedicated to share all that she’s learnt as a way-shower to return to our birthright as Sovereign, Multi-dimensional Creators, so that we can find the Light within our-selves. She knows that when we connect with our True Selves and our own inner wisdom we ultimately create a life of magic and wellbeing on all levels - mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

It is this wisdom that she imparts with her own lightness of being.

Valeria’s work (both individually or in groups) is a catalyst for deep inner transformation and self-empowerment. She assists discovery of what is possible for ourselves and takes this human journey to the next level of expression, where our Hearts and Unconditional Love are continuously guiding our steps.

Chittaranjan Nayak