Chittaranjan Nayak


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Musician, Dance Performer & Choreographer



A passion for movement and growth has drawn Chittaranjan to new directions since he was a child. Originating from rural Odisha, he has 15 years of experience in performing and practicing ‘Dance in Education’, ‘Creative Dance’ and ‘Movement Therapy’ to instill holistic growth for both children and adults across India, Africa and Europe. 

He has directed and choreographed over 50 musical productions in India.

Being a ‘Nritya Visharad’ of Odissi dance and studying many different dance forms (Ballrooms, Jazz, Broadway, Chhau) he fell in love with Contact Improvisation in 2015 and discovered an authentic relationship with his body. He decided to change his focus from performing to sharing his ideas in movement research, awareness, communication and connection.

Inspiration from nature, shamanism, yoga, travelling and authentic human relations play a significant part of his personal journey and his teaching.

Chittaranjan is Co-organizer of ‘Tattva festival’, India and ‘Tattva Festival’, Portugal June 2019, Curator of ‘Zorba Kids Festival’ India and Co-founder of “Colour The Community” – Developing Arts and Community Growth in Rural Kenya”.

Chittaranjan Nayak