Make & Take

Mandala Art

Every year the young Tattvans transforms the festival space into a dynamic place of wonder.  



Together we all explore to nature to collect materials, connect to mother earth/from earth as a source of connection, transforming natural materials into beautiful designs. While being in the process of creating our handmade mandalas we will reflect and introduce to its symbolic meaning. Using mandalas for healing, meditation and reflection and be introduced to their symbolic meanings.

The benefits of mandalas are multiple:

According to Buddhists and Hindus, the circular form and drawings help people to align their inner-self.

Enhance concentration and increase their self-esteem.

Perfect partners for children with special needs.

Help develop coordination and psychomotor skills.

solsticio 04.JPG

Psychoanalyst Carl Jung further, called it “a representation of the Unconscious self.” He used to draw one every day to check into his himself. He believed that the Mandala was reflective of the way we feel about our self at that moment.

Chittaranjan Nayak