Fakeera Banwara

(Psychodrama, Movement Therapy, Positive Psychologist)



Fakeera is a life coach, working with a broad spectrum of age groups to help individuals release subconscious inhibitions, condition and detrimental behavioral patterns that no longer serve us. Based on the premise that whilst our conscious continues to evolve though our lies, the imprinted conditioning from our early life often remains stagnant and outdated in our subconscious.

The basic principles of sexual congress; Fakeera is helping people in breaking stereotypes about conditioning and unmasking the truth around body, sex and sexuality and relationships.

Her approach involves positive psychology, psychodrama, provocative coaching, dance and movement therapy and humour.

 Fakeera has worked for numerous NGOs, is co-founder of the Creative Movement Therapy Association of India (CMTAI) and facilitates a multitude of workshops from elite colleges, renowned corporates, to spiritual festivals both nationally and internationally. She specialises in the human psyche and conditioning. She offers individual, group and couple sessions and teaches across India, Egypt and South East Asia.

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