tattva artist gallery


We are now accepting applications for the 2019 festival

To apply, please send your CV, a 500 word (maximum) artist statement and 10 images of your work labeled with title, size, medium and date of completion.

For video, sound, installation or performance artists please send 5 video/audio examples of your work (Please keep file sizes to a minimum) along with the above requirements.

All applications should be mailed to info@tattvafestival.com


Every year Tattva strives to support artists, painters, writers, performers and musicians by providing time and space for them to exhibit and share their unique gifts with the world. The Festival provides a setting for creativity to flourish and inspiration to strike, making it the ideal place for artists to showcase their artwork. Display your passion on the walls of the gallery for festival guests to interpret, discuss, and connect with. Original one of a kind artworks are welcome and a display area for smaller items such as cards, prints, stickers etc. is provided as well.  

2019 Theme

The exhibition will focus around the theme of Humanity/Community to celebrate one of the main essences that is Tattva Festival!

Submission & Exhibition Guidelines

Accepted Mediums: All mediums will be accepted, including drawing, painting, film, photography, performance, sculpture, time based art and installation. If your work fits somewhere outside of these categories please write to us to explore how you can bring your unique work to Tattva.

Maximum Dimensions: Physical artworks must not exceed 200cm along any side to enable maximum participation, with regards to the space available.

Responsibility of Shipment: Shipment of artworks to and from the festival venue is the sole responsibility of each artist. All artworks must arrive and be removed in accordance with the deadlines provided or the artwork will not be included in the exhibition and will be disposed of post the end of the festival.

Insurance of Artworks: Tattva Festival holds no responsibility for any damages made to any artworks exhibited/kept at the venue during the festival, however we will take every care to ensure artworks are handled with the upmost care throughout installation, duration and removal of the exhibition. Artists are required to ensure professional packing of their works to ensure maximum protection during transit to and from the venue to avoid any damages.

Submission Deadlines: No artwork will be considered for exhibition in the festival after the final deadline has past.

Feedback: Individual feedback will not be possible for any submissions due to the large number of applicants, however we truly welcome your ideas and inspiration for the following Tattva.