21-24th June 2019


Tattva festival is honoured to cooperate with a network of partners, striving for a conscious and loving world.  A partnership with us offers access to a large, multicultural community and the opportunity to contribute to a noble cause.


We offer you access to our own events, and a large list of partnerships and exclusive discounts that you can enjoy.  


You can find information about our friendship and the festival below. You can contact us at


♥ Become a Tattva Partner

We are always on the lookout for new partners to improve the experiences of our community. A partnership with us offers access to the festival and the opportunity to collaborate with our facilitator/artist/mentor with many possibilities on both national and international levels.

We have a range of spiritually inspired mentors, teachers and artists that offer workshops and seminars to facilitate the need of academic orientation.

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We offer partnerships in the following areas:

Hosting Performances and Music Concerts

Conducting workshop and Seminars

Brand and Promotion for you

  • Spiritual Art & Culture – Mandala Art, Sand Art, Indian Classical and Folk Music, Natural Voice & Vocal Improvisation, Heena Art.

  • Ancient India – Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Cooking, Yoga & Meditation, Firewalk, Shamanism, Panchkarma, 

  • Body Work & Holistic Orientation – Creative Movement Therapy workshop, Contact Improv Art – The Power of Listening, Ayurvedic healings and messages

  • Performing Art – Tribal Belly Dancing, Bollywood Dancing, Contemporary, Contact Improvisation,

  • Visual Art – Intuitive drawing, Fine Art, Sand Art, Pottery and Ceramics

  • Music Concert - Baul Mystic Concert, Tribal Music Concert, Indian Classical Music Performance, Drum Circle, Sufi Music

    Why Partner with Tattva Festival?

  • Tattva aims to be a highly-anticipated festival that is recognised as a happy home for children and grown-ups for creating a unique and diverse celebration of the arts and spirituality.

  • In delivering new and diverse world-class live performances, we cultivate a  community of creative possibilities.  A community that invites future generations to build upon the passion for art and performance we share with them today. 

5 kEY Ingredients to make a Tattva Partnership


We make it easy for a family, youth and elder to spend quality time being creatively playful. 


Artists and creative community living in sites of conflict to build powerful network.


The indoor & outdoor activities, workshops are fun, playful, creatively adventurous for children and adults to enjoy together.  


We surprise you every year with the extraordinary quality of our programming and our performers.


Imagination and artistic ingenuity governs our decision-making. We encourage creative visions by supporting your mind in transcending its fears, limitations, dis-empowering attitudes.


With meditation, love and laughter our multicultural spiritually inspired teachers embrace you warmly and provide you with the support you need on your journey to cultivate harmony between your body, mind, emotions and energies.

Types of partnerships:

Partnerships can cooperate on the following terms:

 ♥ For You

  • Support for events and artists of both national and international projection.

  • Discount associated with the Festival Tickets for students and staff.

  • Assistance with social media, print and many other ways of advertisement and exposure for your business.

  • Access to Youth Volunteering Program (age 13-18). First 10 registrations are complimentary

     ♥ For volunteering please connect at

♥ For Tattva

  • We do not seek for any financial assistance.

  • Assistance with social media, print and any other ways of promotional exposure of the festival.

  • Support with boarding and lodging for international artists, musicians and facilitators, if needed while offering workshops/seminars/music concerts at your institution/organization/festival.