Our story & Mission


How it all began…

Tattva is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘reality’ or ‘truth’ and is an inseparable part of Hindu philosophy. The 5 basic Tattvas are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. They reside within us, around us and connect us to life, nature and to each other.

The first Tattva Festival in 2013 was co-created by a group of individuals in Delhi who shared a vision to build a community of authentic expression, free spirit, love, acceptance, creativity and of gracefully giving and receiving through a gift economy. This inaugural festival was a hit with over one hundred people from all over the world converging at the majestic Zorba the Buddha, eco-village enjoying multiple days of music, yoga, play, art, healing, cooking, dancing and celebrating together as one.

The Tattva Festival has continued to be celebrated year after year, each time having its own unique flavor, while preserving its essence as a space for friends, families and strangers to come together and let their true selves emerge. It embodies the qualities of a completely democratic community where everyone is a creator as well as a participant. It’s a community that creates opportunities in arts, movement & creativity to support holistic growth.

We rely on strong partnerships with organisations and individuals and invite you to be a part of our collective initiative.