Our Ambassadors


Tattoo Artist



Manon is a creative soul and multimedia artist, but specialises in tattoo and illustration. Her work is largely inspired by nature, the ocean, traveling and well-being, spirituality and personal development. Also drawn to Chinese medicine and psychology, Manon is a Reiki Therapist and tries to infuse her work as a tattoo artist with dynamic well-being and spiritual development. Her creations are a delicate mix of lines and dots forming a totem full of energy.


Energetic Healing



Kukha Free Spirit because there is only healing when the spirit is free" Kukha Free Spirit, has worked with healing and spirituality from a very early age. With a natural sensitivity to feel energies of this and other dimensions, she began to realize that it was her purpose to teach and help people. Today she studies channeling energy fields and everyday she lives her practice in this spiritual energy and it is this field that she will bring to Tattva Festival. Her sessions are called Energetic healing and soul healing. Energetic healing is a therapy that works together with the soul of the person and the energies present in the Universe acting directly in the person's spirit. To focus and uncover the root of any issue that needs to be cured or aligned. It heals and releases the spirit and as such heals the mind and body. The sessions begin with a conversation to read the soul and from there leads into the necessary treatment for the individual. This can take form through various tools such as readings, energy astrology, energy nutrition , meditation, regression, tapping, massage and energy medicine. Energetic healing acts directly on a person's energy field creating an effect of pure relaxation and love.