Samantha Wilson




Samantha is a multi-media visual artist based in Lisbon, Portugal. Originally from Scotland, she has worked and lived between the UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, India and Africa. Completing her BA of Fine Art and MFA in Art and Humanities from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, Scotland in 2015. She has since received many awards for her work and participated in multiple International artist residencies. Exhibiting her work between the UK, US, Europe and India, she now works full-time as an artist and Fine Arts Facilitator in Lisbon. 

She is co-founder of Colour the Community, a Social Arts Initiative in Kenya, which aims to foster creativity and growth inside rural schools and their surrounding community.

She believes that earliest years in which we begin to learn and create are so important. Encouraging self-expression at a very young age can greatly increase a child’s confidence and their ability to think for themselves. This is a chance for children to explore, play and reach to the outer realms of their imaginations, so that they can soar in other aspects of their lives.

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