Sand Artist, Sculptor & Designer



A unique art form, developed in Puri, India. The only material required is clean, fine grained sand mixed with water. With the help of skillful fingers an artist can carve a beautiful sculpture.

International Sand Sculptor Sri Himanshu Sekhar Parida (MVA) is a well known self-taught Sculptor and Designer from Cuttack, India. With a deep love of working with Sand the artist also incorporates multiple mediums into his practice including wood, stone, clay, painting and handicrafts. He has received many national awards for his work including the Judicial Academic award, the Kargil Conclave Award and the Youth Award from the Department of Information & Public Relations in Cuttack. Himanshu has participated in many festivals, competitions and exhibitions across India and Europe. He passionately spreads his knowledge through teaching children, youth and senior citizens this traditional and fluid art-from by combining ancient and modern techniques. Himanshu aspires to continue sharing the ancient wisdom of sand art in his home country and abroad.

Chittaranjan Nayak