Shamanism is an ancient belief system which connects us to Mother earth, the natural elements, and the spirit realm. It is a path of transformation that enables us to journey to other worlds to retrieve healing and information for the benefit of ourselves and the community. Traditionally, shamans are the healers and seers of the tribe.

The subject of Shamanism is in your blood. It means that you hear the call of Mother Earth in your very heart beat. Since ancient times shamanic rituals have served to unite us with Mother Nature, Mother Earth and energies of healing, enlightening and spiritual nature. 

Healing Stories, Shamanic Retreat & Ceremony

Koitso Salil Mukhia



Koitso is from the Kiranti indigenous community of the Eastern Himalayas and from the Koinch group – one of the smaller linguistic tribes. An initiate into shamanism as a young child of 6 and working to document the sacred traditions of tribal cultures and retell vanishing stories, his effort over the last 15 years, both as a storyteller and traditional healer reflects a vanishing realm of indigenous cultures, sacred traditions and the urgency to bring their relevance forward in the urban context.

Founder of Acoustic Traditional and Festival of Indigenous Storytellers, Koitso’s projects such as One Tribe, Stories on the Verge and Elder Earth (now), brings the lesser known traditions of tribal India before the mainstream in ways that have had a deep impact on the audiences. His ongoing work continues to weave in his knowledge of stories, sounds and healing together and making them relevant in the urban contexts.

He works with the lunar aspect of shamanism and cover areas of ‘sounds’, ‘subconscious stories and mandalas’, ‘Dreamwork’, ‘generation of inner medicine’, ‘Darkness Retreats and Vision Journey’, ‘Evolving in Feminity’, ‘Channeling Lunar Energy’, ‘Seven Rites,’ ‘Spirit Journeys’, ‘17 Drumming Steps’, ‘Subtle Chakras and Earth spirals’, etc.

In his native tradition, emphasis is placed upon the unconditioning of our mind. We integrate teachings of Yeti and his wife Lyem Lyem Meh. Both are considered forms of primodial shamanic consciousness.

Chittaranjan Nayak