For thousands of year hand mudras have been used in India for healing, storytelling, emotional expression, and to evoke and convey elevated spiritual states.

Mudras-also called "finger power points". The purpose of a mudra is to activate and create a circuit of prana in the body. This circuit channels the prana in a specific way to create subtle effects and beneficial changes in different parts of the body system. It is little known that Mudra science is tattva yoga. Tattva Yoga is based on science of elements.” The observation that the way we hold and use our hands influences the flow of energy through the body, and that it is related to the elements as the presence and influence of the elements are almost everywhere.

In Vedic Wisdom, it describes the relationship between the five fingers and the Five Elements, is seen in many of the classic disciplines of India: dance, theatre, architecture, painting, medicine (Ayurveda), martial arts and yoga.


Jnana Mudra or Gyan Mudra

 Gyan mudra, or chin mudra – literary means gesture of consciousness, is one of the most important mudras that promote physical and mental health. In Sanskrit, chin (or cin) means "consciousness" and mudra means "gesture" or "seal."

To perform

Bring the tips of the thumb and index fingers together and form a circle. Keep the remaining three fingers stretched and the palm facing upward.


Enhances intuitive wisdom & memory power, eases anxiety & depression, Relieves and prevents stress and anger, cure indigestion, stimulates the root chakra.


Shuni Mudra

Shuni is sanskrit for Saturn is also known as the “seal of patience.

 To Perform

Gently touch the tip of your middle finger to the tip of your thumb with the other three fingers stretched out.


Improves commitment, focus, patience, and understanding. Shuni Mudra helps to encourage compassion, understanding and patience towards others, develop noble thoughts and turn negative emotions into positive.


Surya Mudra 

In sanskrit, surya means "sun" that increases the fire element and eliminates the earth element in the body.

To Perform

Gently touch the tip of your ring finger to the tip of your thumb with the other three fingers stretched out.


Revitalizes energy, strengthens the body, promotes vitality. stimulates Nervous system, increases the element of fire in the body which improves metabolism, promoting weight loss.


Buddhi Mudra

 Buddhi(Intellect) mudra is simply designed to balance the water element in the body and improve mental clarity.

 To perform

 The tip of the little finger and the tip of the thumb touch with light pressure, and the other three fingers remain comfortably extended.


Balances water element in the body Promotes clear communication, intuition, and psychic development. It can also help relieve muscular pain. Help to improve digestive issues, including indigestion and constipation, skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.

Chittaranjan Nayak