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Tattva is an opportunity for all age group to come together to build a community of stress free environment and let you be their most natural selves. To learn and grow in body, mind, soul and heart and allow simplicity and joy to come back to everyday life. 

The festival offers magnificent Workshops, Ceremonies, Concerts, Seminars and Satsangs. There are rich varieties of cultural and spiritual programs on offer including: Dance and Body work, Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation from ancient India, Bhakti Music, Kirtan, Shamanic ceremonies, Sound and Breath work, Traditional performances from India and Portugal, Personal Development, Vedic Astrology and much more.

The festival prides itself in creating programs for families, children, and teens who can participate without their parents in fun activities of art, music, dance, forest adventures, in/outdoor games, yoga and more. Our diverse staff speak English, Portuguese and Indian languages in order to communicate with children and adults to meet their needs.

All our leaders, facilitators and artists join us from all over the world and are passionate about sharing their knowledge to enrich, support and illuminate everyone joining the festival. 



Festivals are about participation, if you have any ideas to offer, installations you'd like to include or anything else please feel free to contact us to discuss further at:



HOli hai! 

Colour Me Happy!


Do you know anyone who wants a dot of colour in their life? BRING THEM HERE!

♥ We will provide natural organic colours and flower petals to play Holi.



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Tattva festival is honoured to act in a networking of partners, striving to aim for conscious and loving world.  A partnership with us offers access to a large public and the opportunity to collaborate (and act upon noble cause)with an organisation with many possibilities both in the local level and internationally, if relevant.Know more…..

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