OUR Founders



Co-Founder & Sr. advisor - USAID


Nehal has served with USAID/India as the Senior Advisor for Innovation and Partnership in the Director’s office since August 2012. He has more than 15 years of professional experience in international law, business and development. Prior to joining USAID, Nehal was the Chief Operating Officer of Gateway House: Indian Council on Global Relations, India’s first independent foreign policy think tank. He also spent 8 years practicing international law at various large international law firms in New York and Texas.

He earned a bachelor of Arts in Economics with a concentration in Law from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence with a concentration in International Law from the University of Texas, School of Law in Austin, Texas. He is certified by Supreme Courts of Texas and New York to practice law and served on the board of variety of non-profit organizations, including as President of the Cultural Centre in Austin, Texas.  

Nehal is a practitioner of transcendental meditation, rhythmic meditation and Vipassana.  He also was a trained Introduction Leader to the Landmark Forum -- having completed the Curriculum for Living and over a dozen Landmark seminars.  Nehal is a Krishna Bhakt who regularly gets lost in Hare Krishna Kirtan in order to find himself.

Nehal has competed in State, National and International competitions in North America for Raas and Garba dance.

 He enjoys spending time travelling, scuba diving, and engaging in other adventure sports. He is an American citizen with an Overseas Citizen of India status and now happily resides in India with his beautifully crazy wife and even more beautifully crazy daughter.


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Co-Founder, Festival Curator & Cultural Liaison


Chittaranjan is a dancer, musician, holistic teacher, musical producer, a mentor and lives joyfully with his beautiful wife in Lisbon.

Originating from ancient Kalinga and the present-day Odisha is known as land of mystical spirituality in India. A ‘Hexadeltic Region - the ‘Gift of Six Rivers’. A land where spirituality meets arts, architecture, science…the triangle of Konark, Jagannath & Lingaraj temple in Odisha hold within their fold, the secrets of Womb Science. 

He grew up in a family where spirituality encourages to live joyfully and well.

He has 18 years of experience in performing and practicing Dance in Education, Movement Therapy, yoga, he has lead workshops, seminars, produced musicals productions to instill holistic growth for both children and adults across India, Africa and Europe. 

He fell in love with Contact Improvisation in 2015 and discovered an authentic relationship with his body. He decided to change his focus from performing to sharing his ideas in movement research, awareness, communication and connection.

He is also Co-founder of ‘Colour The Community - Developing Arts & Community Growth in Rural Kenya.

Since the birth of ‘Tattva Festival’, Chittaranjan has been curating the festival workshops, music lineup with the intention of bringing forth spiritually inspired facilitators and musicians from every continent to create a universal offering of love, peace and harmony. He has also curated music lineup for ‘Nataraj International Spiritual Dance Festival’, India.



Co-Organiser and Visual Artist


Samantha is a multi-media visual artist based in Lisbon, Portugal. Originally from Scotland, she has lived and worked between the UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, India and Africa. Completing her BA of Fine Art and MFA in Art and Humanities from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, Scotland in 2015. She has since received many awards for her work and participated in multiple International artist residencies. Exhibiting her work between the UK, US, Europe and India, she now works full-time as an artist and Fine Arts Facilitator in Lisbon. 

She is co-founder of Colour the Community, a Social Arts Initiative in Kenya, which aims to foster creativity and growth inside rural schools and their surrounding community.



Co-founder, Tribal Belly Dancer and Actress


Reetu is Co-Founder of the Creative Movement Therapy Association of India(CMTAI), a certified Creative Movement facilitator and a dancer/choreographer who has trained and performed internationally for over 30 years in the US, India, Singapore, China and other countries including a performance in a Bollywood movie.

Her dance repertoire includes Indian classical & folk, Bollywood, Ugandan folk, American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion Belly dance. She was a founding member of Urban Gypsy Tribal Belly Dance troup in Texas. 

Reetu is a spiritual seeker and has explored various meditative and movement techniques. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Expressive Therapies from Lesley University in the US and facilitate sessions for people to connect to themselves through movement on a deep level.