Welcome to the land of life…a land with abandons… a community of joyfulness and giving. Welcome to Tattva……Welcome Home!

At Tattva, we celebrate us, the whole, gratitude for each other and the privilege of meeting at the festival from many different lands around the world. We celebrate Mother Earth with gratitude, for showering us daily with her gifts; food to eat, sweet air to breathe, and precious water.

Practicing Gratitude reminds that our very existence relies on the gifts of others. It reminds that we are one member of the universal whole. The Earth shares generously with us, so we strive to reciprocate that behaviour in return. As the Nature sustains us, we must sustain the Nature.

Giving and sharing is an important facet of Tattva which is practiced every day. Sharing with others both human and non-human, giving our precious time, enriching the festival with our unique creativity, a hug, listening to someone compassionately, receiving from others with gratitude or simply offering our presence. 

Chittaranjan Nayak