Andre Soares


The Agency of Touch


André Soares operates trough choreography and visuals, objects, light, sound and sculpture mediums for/with human bodies and other forms of life. The interest in (in)visible sculptures of movement and erosion/exposition of Nature/Matter in relation to frequencies that affects bodies/beings. Draws movement related to the under_standing of the multiple/sedimented body (beings of weather) in different contexts, expanding time with space.

  This is an Invitation to Practice Beings and to  “try out-in” to synthesize invisible anatomy... You are invited to be(witnessing- guesting-hosting-doubling or agreeing)ing… this practice includes, invites and celebrates Bodies of Weather … it is under construction ; its contents are incomplete and provisory. It is a drawing and it is a way of moving together-ness-less.



Chittaranjan Nayak