Fabienne Gonzalez

Playful Authentic Relating


In the course of our lives, we tend to repress our childhood playfulness and spontaneity, we learn to protect and conceal our inner world from other human beings. Yet we all share a need for deep, fluent and zestful relatedness. Playful Authentic Relating is a practice that answers this conflict. It combines key principles from clowning, tantra and authentic relating. PAR will lead us into a playful exploration of ourselves and of others toward more freedom, awakening and connectedness. It is a challenging and yet fun approach through which we practice to:

  •  Awake our childhood and release control

  •  Become more familiar with our needs

  • Confront limits preventing us to be fully alive, authentic and engaged in the present moment.

  • Play with our vulnerability, weaknesses, clumsiness

  • Offer to others our beautiful and foolish humanity!

    PAR can be applied where ever we communicate and interact with others to bring more sensitivity, clarity, creativity and fun!
    Practices are done in duets, small groups or within the whole group.

Chittaranjan Nayak